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“The chickens have hatched”
PRVX Upgrade ready to showcase!

Upgrade and refurbish your existing PRV and PRVX 1/2/3 Analyzers

aps Solutions GmbH are pleased to announce that our partner company
BE Precision Technology
from The Netherlands have successfully conducted the full upgrade path of a PRVX2 probe card analyzer to state of the art technology in probe card metrology equipment. An upgrade of mechanical, electrical and optical components has been conducted – the upgrade offer even contains a new paint of the system frame. The upgraded system is running BE’s proprietary “BE Manager Driver Suite” software, which enhances analytical capabilities and performance of the tool dramatically and all data files are fully compatible with existing PRVX series of analyzers. The upgraded systems fully integrates into your factory network since it uses actual Microsoft Windows networking features. Systems can be further upgraded with BE’s Advanced Smart Block (ASB); therefore you never will be limited by the lack of channels even for your next generation ultra high pin count probe cards. aps will showcase an upgraded PRVX2 system for customer demos at our Repair and Service Center, Dresden (RCDD) very soon. Please ask for your personal “test flight” at our facilities.

Complete overview of the Upgraded VX system
System Upgrade contains:

•    New Win7 computer with Ethernet capability
•    Vision recipe for crown probes
•    3D shape of probe card deflection
•    Optical Planarity and Alignment (P&A) measurement
•    Accept dead systems (must be complete)
•    VX3 ref file compatible Channel compatible

High resolution Ethernet camera fast probe capturing and long life time
High resolution Ethernet camera
fast probe capturing and extended life time
Upgraded optics with blue light for improvement of
accuracy and reproducibility. Extended life time compared to crypton bulbs
detailed overview see your system as new
XY stages with optional extended travel range

Mechanical/Optical Upgrade Options:

•    Chuck refurbishment
•    Dot rework refurbishment
•    Optional different dot sizes possible
•    Lens rework
•    Upgrade camera system (s)
•    Light source to monochrome type
•    New motors and driver boards
•    Automated contra weight balance
•    XY stage updated
•    Z stage update
•    Microscope refurbished including top light source
•    Add optional motorized microscope
•    Gram force post refurbished
•    New load cell assembled
•    Motherboard refurbished option
•    Expansion of XY stage travel
•    Direct Dock 180 degrees freedom option

Electrical Upgrade Options:

•    New PMM/ASB flexible channels and relay location
•    Direct dock support
•    Cable tree update
•    System electronics updated
•    Refurbished pogo block
•    Additional channels possible
•    Upgraded power supplies
•    Cooling fans upgraded
•    Diagnostic probe updated
•    New electrical switches
•    Optional add-on ASB flexible relay position

For further details and to discuss of your individual solution, please visit our newly designed website at www.aps-munich.com.  

We would be pleased to hear from you either via our contact forms on the webpage or email at contact@aps-munich.com.

Of course you can also give us a call at +49 89841027-0

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