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The IoT (“Internet of Things”) will drive your
Sensor Technology

Prepare your MEMS Test to be ready for the future!

How to test MEMS – the Micro Electro-Mechanical System – that little piece of nothing?
This little piece of nothing will rule the upcoming age of connecting everything to the Internet. All parts of life will be affected – health, mobility, communication.
There are sensors for gyroscope, accelerometer, eCompass, pressure, humidity and temperature. The market will grow year over year.

Bring your cost down by effective way of testing.

aps Solutions GmbH presents MEMS Hontech Handler for
Temperature, Pressure, Magnetic, G-Sensor, Light, Acceleration, ect

All Handlers work with -
Tri Temp range -55°C ... +150°C
Multi site  - up to 64 in parallel
Dead bug, Live Bug test
Input:    Tube, Bowl, Tray
Output: Reel & Tape, Tube, Tray, Bin Box

MEMS Handler: Loader Bowl Input (as an example), spare room for Teststation(s), Unloader Bin Box (as an example)

All test stations are based on customer application.

We integrate your customized Test-Labroratory in our automatic Handler.

Barometer / Pressure
High resolution Ethernet camera fast probe capturing and long life time
High resolution Ethernet camera fast probe capturing and long life time
High resolution Ethernet camera fast probe capturing and long life time

MEMS Microphone
Light Sensor        

For further details and to discuss of your individual solution, please visit our newly designed website at www.aps-munich.com.  

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