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“Two in a Row”
aps is introducing Microtec’s new
2-Serial Contacts Gravity Handler
aps Solutions GmbH, the authorized distributor of Microtec handler products in Europe and Israel, announce the MH245-2CS and MH250-2CS series of Gravity Handlers, which are designed to conduct two testing tasks within one working cycle. It always has been on the wish list of every production test manager to cover two test insertions on one handling system in one run!

This wish has come true NOW!
With the new 2CS types of Microtec’s Gravity Handlers, it is possible to test your devices in a first contact step at room temperature and immediately after this test insertion transfer the devices into the next stage of chambered hot/cool testing.

For correct binning, the test results of each independent test insertion are available before the devices are stored into various possible outputs.

The first MH245-2CS Handler was recently installed on a test floor at a US Semiconductor manufacturer – please see the pictures above. The MH245-2CS was equipped with a Tape & Reel system with optical controlled checking of correct T&R wrapping.

Microtec designed and manufacture a highly economical Gravity Test Handler solution, as it uses only one change-kit / rail system resulting in saving time and money. 

For more information, please contact aps Solutions GmbH.

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