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New advanced clip-on
Pneumatic Head - MDPS485-B

For Mechanical Devices Temperature Forcing Systems

FlexTC / MaxTC

Pneumatic interfaces enable the quick replacement of devices in the sockets. These solutions are suitable for customers who plan on testing many devices on a daily base. Implementing pneumatic solutions eliminates the need for adapter plates. It will require compressed air facilities for its operation. The Pneumatic Test Head includes a Manifold that prevents frost and humidity creation in both Z up and Z down positions.


  • Test every device with same adjustable force.
  • Adaptable for variety of device types and sizes.
  • Touch screen for setting kgf / remotely operated.
  • Adjustable Z-axis actuation system
  • Device actuation in socket or soldered to board
  • Integrated air purge solution for a frost free environment control during cold testing
  • Fast and reliable setup.
  • Small and compact design
  • To be used with FlexTC and MaxTC systems; small square thermal head. 
  • Custom Square adapter need to be ordered with this type of pneumatic

Ask for an Upgrade of your existing FlexTC/MaxTC (small TH) with the new pneumatic thermal solution

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