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aps offers upgrades and refurbishment of your existing
PRV and PRVX 1/2/3 Analysers

aps Solutions GmbH, as the authorized Distributor of BE Precision Technology NL  products in Europe including Israel, announces the upgrade and refurbishment services for your existing PRV and PRVX 1/2/3 Probe Card Analysers

System Upgrade contains:

•    New win 7 computer with Ethernet capability
•    Vision recipe for crown probes
•    3 D shape of probe card deflection
•    Optical Planarity and Alignment (P&A) measurement
•    Accept dead systems (must be complete)
•    VX3 ref file compatible Channel compatible

Mechanical/Optical Upgrade Options:

•    Chuck refurbishment
•    Dot rework refurbishment
•    Optional different dot sizes possible
•    Lens rework
•    Upgrade camera system (s)
•    Light source to monochrome type
•    New motors and driver boards
•    Automated contra weight balance
•    XY stage updated

•    Z stage update
•    Microscope refurbished including top light source
•    Add optional motorized microscope
•    Gram force post refurbished
•    New load cell assembled
•    Motherboard refurbished option
•    Expansion of XY stage travel
•    Direct Dock 180 degrees freedom option

Electrical Upgrade Options:

•    New PMM/ASB flexible channels and relay location
•    Direct dock support
•    Cable tree update
•    System electronics updated
•    Refurbished pogo block
•    Additional channels possible
•    Uprated power supplies
•    Cooling fans upgraded
•    Diagnostic probe updated
•    New electrical switches
•    Optional add-on ASB flexible relay position

If your Analysers are in need of upgrading with state of the art software, electronics and mechanics, please contact aps Solutions GmbH for a detailed discussion.
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