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A guide to
aps’ Probe Card Repair Services
Metrology tools

aps Solutions GmbH, has more than 20 years of experience in the Probe Card business and Probe Card repair.

aps offers Probe Card Repair Services and support from both its Munich and Dresden locations. 

We can repair nearly all brands of Cantilever Probe Cards to the original manufactured quality criteria. We sell and support MPI Vertical Probe Cards throughout Europe. Please contact us for a detailed discussion concerning your Probe Card repairs.

For your “in-house” repair shop capability we can offer state of the art equipment from aps Solutions GmbH and BE Precision Technology, NL.  

aps Solutions GmbH’s ARS01

ARS01 Tip to Top Probe Card Repair Station.

  • Tip to Top orientation.
  • Film mask concept no wafer required.
  • Sliding alignment table for best working position.
  • Kinematic coupled mechanical interface to Probe Card holder

BE Precision Technology’s Supervisor and Manager Metrology tools.
Supervisor IV   
  • System for small Probe Cards with small pincount and small probe area   
  • Depending on the model 32 till 750 channels   
  • Depending on the model probe area from 1” to 2”   
  • System measures planarity, alignment, contact resistance, leakage, wire test and gram force

Manager V
  • World’s first 450mm Probe Card Analyser
  • System for large Probe Cards with high pincount and large probe area
  • Depending on the model 4500- 130.000  channels
  • Depending on the model probe area from  4” to 12” and larger
  • System measures planarity, alignment, contact resistance, leakege wire test and gram force.

aps also offers VX upgrades which bring your existing Analysers to state of the art technology and remarkable speed improvements.

If your Analysers are in need of upgrading with state of the art software, electronics and mechanics, please contact aps Solutions GmbH for a detailed discussion.

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