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test solutions
for any
application and
quantity range

Customized Winway test socket for characterisation, evaluation, test fixtures, ect.

    Winway mass production sockets for any type of automatic handler (e.g Microtec MH2xx) or any other system

    Low / mid QTY gravity handler for ambient usage
    e.g. Microtec MH240

    Low / mid QTY Gravity handler for Dual Temperature test
    e.g. Microtec MH245

    High-End Gravity Handler for high QTY
    @Tri Temp test for mass production usage
    • hard docking possible
    • bowl feeder available
    • auto loading/unloading available
    • non magnetic test possible
    with Microtec MH250 and MH280
    MH240 EVO Table Version
    MH250 EVO with Auto Unloader
    MH240 EVO ambient MLP package

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