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aps Solutions GmbH

presents the World’s fastest and unique Contactless Probe Card Inspection:

The BE Precision Technology “INSPECTOR”
is fully compatible with existing Analyzer reference files,
like for the VX3/4 and M4/M5.

This tool from the series of BE Precision Technology Probe Card Analyzers allows users of even very complex Probe Cards a contactless, superfast scanning over an area as large as 200mm by 200 mm.

Among various other tasks (i.e. Pass/Fail information of a particular Probe Card) the “INSPECTOR” allows you to scan ultra-fast for planarity as well as for Beam Clearance. The “INSPECTOR” is designed for contactless treatment of all brands and all types of Probe Cards (i.e. Cantilever, Vertical, Membrane, Cobra, MEMS).

Get a 3D profile with the advanced GUI software client and have a digitized view on the Probe Card.

A color scale gives you the exact Z information of a Probe Card (the screenshot shows a Cantilever type of Probe Card).
Check planarity, tip condition, beam length, PCB bowing and flexing.Find contamination issues on your Probe Card quickly and easily.

Detect everything which could harm your expensive Probe Cards:
  • Check beam clearance at once, broken probe head, brush hairs etc.
  • Maximize the life time of the Probe Card, don’t worry anymore about beam lengths.
  • Detect particles on Probe Cards that will damage wafer
INSPECTOR“ is analyzing a MEMS type of Probe Card

The „INSPECTOR“ scans your bumped~ or flat pad wafers up to 300mm wafersize.

  • Probecard and wafer inspection on the same instrument.
  • Possibilities to find correlation between probecard data and wafer data.
  • Automatic wafer handler - optional

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aps solutions GmbH
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