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aps Solutions GmbH

Microtec – Gravity Handlers
Konrad Technologies – Testers
MUCH” - A Test Cell with
Microtec Ultra Compact Handling

With this advanced development we combine the best features of a small handler and an extremely compact test system into a floor space saving solution. You will be surprised about the size of the combination – no waste of expensive floorspace!

The smart Handler/Tester/Manipulator solution addresses the need of “flexible floorplans”, which means that you can move the complete test cell within your test floor in short time. 

More Key Facts
Real Plunge-2-Board solution
Move the test head into service position, hand test position and into Direct Dock without downtime of the system
Perfect solution for R&D volumes and mid-size volume testing up to 4,000 UPH
Many options and upgrade possibilities available:

Ambient, 2TEMP and 3TEMP;
        Bowl-Feeder / BIN output
        Tape & Reel
        Autoloader – Autounloader
        Soft- and Hard docking

No need for a special test head manipulator - it’s all integrated into the Microtec Handling system

Many customized solutions possible.

Little Finn Facts
MH2xx EVO Facts
- Based on KT ABex / PXI Industry Standard
- Open tester platform with 8 PXI slots for instrumentation
- User configurable
- Up to 120 independent mixed-signal channels:
- Up to 50MHz
- 4V … +13V
- 200mA per channel, also usable as DPS
- Active (up to 24mA) & passive Load per channel
- 4-Quadrant PMU (FV, FI, MV, MI)- Utility Pins
96 digital Outputs (open drain)
16 galvanic isolated outputs
16 galvanic isolated inputs
4 analog outputs
4 analog inputs
2 separate I2C Interfaces
       1 SPI Interface
 - Expandable with any PXI instrument
- package size 2x2mm up to 30x100mm
- 3500 uph
- Up to 5 Bin classes
- Ambient system
     Optional: Hot
     Optional: Hot and Cold
- Cable docking
     Optional: direct docking
Wide Varity of package types
     BGA / LGA
     and many more
- Easy change over from package types (20 min)
- HMI-Touchscreen
- Customized configurations possible
    non magnetic
Tube in / Tube out
    Optional: Bowl feeder
- No extra cost for manipulator

aps Solutions GmbH
Gutenbergstrasse 1
82178 Puchheim / Munich
Phone +49 (0)89 841027-0
Fax   +49 (0)89 841027-11
Email : contact@aps-munich.com
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Hugo-Junkers-Ring 9,
D-01109 Dresden
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Fritz-Reichle-Ring 12                      
D-78315 Radolfzell  
Phone: +49 (0) 7732 9815 100
Munich Office:
Gruenwalder Weg 13a
D-82008 Unterhaching
Törwanger Strasse 1
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fax: +49(0)8032-989151-38

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aps solutions GmbH
Gutenbergstrasse 1
82178 Puchheim