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Advanced Thermal Solution
Mechanical Device

For your Thermal solutions we have the experience and Systems that can be found at major Semiconductor Devices Manufactures to test their IC devices. Our system suit LOW & HIGH Power devices for temperature range from -65°C to +175°C/ +200°C,| accuracy of +/- 0.2°C | handling powerful cooling force. With enhanced transfer rates (150°C/min). They are well integrated for benchtop lab environment and with automatic test equipment (ATE) and handler in production. Mechanical Devices Temperature Test Systems are proven for environmental test assure quality and help with failure analysis by environmental stressing the device throughout the semiconductor product design and manufacturing back end test.

With industry´s state-of-the-art temperature forcing systems Flex TC and Max TC, Mechanical Devices is changing the way of testing by controlling temperature under test, enabling semiconductor manufacturers to increase their own profitability by improving the cost efficiency of their IC and wafer test processes.
Thermal head interface options
  • Universal Adaptor plate for sockets and soldered device applications.
  • Custom Adaptor plate for sockets and soldered device applications.
  • Thermocouple inserted Lids for sockets applications.
  • Open Frame thermal lids for sockets and soldered device applications.
  • Pneumatic Tabletop Station (PTS) for quick replacement of devices in the sockets
  • Boom Stand Arm - For soldered device applications
  • Vacuum System – for quick replacement of devices in the sockets
  • Fluid Free operation
  • Self contained - no external chiller and no compressed air required
Device Plungers are made of copper or aluminum and are exchangeable to fit the required setup;
Device plungers include a PT100 embedded sensor to guarantee accurate T case.
Each device plunger is robust designed for reliability and high performance.

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